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Like a fagot, one who just simply sags like cereal that's been in milk too long. An annoying person or boring topic.
That guy is such a sagot.
This thread is sagging like heck, who is the sagot that made this?
by GremlinChief March 20, 2004
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An entitled democrat that feels the world is against him/her because they have been raised to believe they are exceptional but are not, and they feel the need to be in some special class of society to get some sort of government hand-out. Usually under the age of 50, and voted for Obama just because he is half black.

Educated in gay studies, thinks there are more than two genders.
A person that believes everything CNN, MSNBC says regardless of actual proof they are wrong and will vote Democratic because, like, because.
A person that believes they can only accomplish lofty goals if the government assists them.
We've been waiting in line to get our drivers license behind several Sagots that are taking forever. They keep asking for some type of special privilege to be given them.
by El Jamal Jamal May 07, 2019
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lazy, high school educated white male, usually over the age of 50 and trump voter, who feels he is entitled to a $100k manufacturing job and a wife who does everything eventhough he is useless in the current economy and his wife hates him
Omg he is such a sagot why doesn’t she leave him?!?
by Wtf2018 July 19, 2018
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