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the most swagtastic gurl you will ever meet tends obssess over bands and superheroes and tom hiddleston

says snazzy a lot and emits good vibes
Have you met Saffiyah?

Hell yeah she's well snazzy.
by lokihasswag January 06, 2014
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Saffiyah is one of the most beautiful girl you will ever meet , she starts beautiful from young and only gets more beautiful. She's very smart however gets into a lot of trouble unnecessarily. People admire to make rumours about her because they are simply jealous. Saffiyah's are very rich and gets even more wealthier as they grow older. Most saffiyah's have really curvy (thick) bodies which is highly attractive for any man . Her personality is the best you'll ever find, she's extremely funny but silly with it and she will always be loyal to anyone she needs to be with.
I want me a Saffiyah , she has the whole package
by Supreme_1000 September 12, 2017
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