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Saffat is a Bengali boy that you will cherish in your life. He will give terrible advice, but always listen. He is sensitive on the inside, and is hard to crack open; but when you do, you’ll be shook from the depth of his mind. He won’t marry you, but he’ll be at more wedding events than your groom. He loves children and they love him. He is uncomfortable talking to adults but adults love talking to him. He loves his siblings so much That if they move away he will find a way to live with them. He is a mommas boy. He respects women, trans women; bi women, gay women, mono women; just all women. He is a catch. However, he needs to work on his self care and social abilities. Overall; you need a Saffat in your life
You: did you see Saffat over there?

Me: Yeah I wanted water and I didn’t even have to ask him to get me some and while he was getting it he and I engaged in a nice chat

You: wow. Saffat is iconic

Me: #true
by Bebe rekha July 19, 2018
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