(adj.) high-class, snooty. Putting on airs.
That girl thinks she's better than us, acting all sadity.
by roseslug March 30, 2005
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Attitude/ego displaying arrogant or stuck up behavior.
In Shes Sadity by Gianni John he mentioned (in reference about the girl in the song) "acting like she dont know me acting like she dont here me walking away while im approaching"
by LightNofo October 14, 2018
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That hoe think she is the baddest mf alive , i will beat her ” Sadity “ ass
by broknhartdboy June 8, 2020
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that female is sadity, she thinks she's better than everybody b/c...
by Keyshanti November 30, 2007
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acting important; putting on airs, seeming to act like you think you're better than the people around you. (Generally said of women by other women)
She be acting all high sadity, asking for a glass when all of us were drinking beers from the bottle.
by ciotog September 18, 2003
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girls that think they are better then everbody else
otherwise stuck up group of females
by 100%real August 27, 2009
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