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Sadini the name reserved only for the genuine and best women on earth. They are REALLY cute, beautiful, very smart, driven, have a wonderful and playful personality. They are fun-loving, adventurous, silly, and always suspicious of everyone.

She has many admirers but dosen't know it. if your lucky enough to be with her, don't screw it up.
It's impossible to be actually mad at a sadini, no matter what they do, because they are so lovable.

She has too many great features to name all at once, but her tummy is one of the cutest things in the world. At the same time, her hair is just gorgeous and her eyebrows are always on fleek. She also has a cutest nose in the world!! A wise white man on the bus once said shes mentally very strong and can achieve whatever and get whoever she wants. She will always have you smiling and keep you laughing. Shes just so silly.
She has an amazing body and soul. She is the ultimate heartthrob without the ugly personality
She is blessed with talents some of us can only dream of. From singing to shaking her booty she does everything gracefully and effortlessly.

If you are lucky to be in a relationship with one you better treat them wonderful and hold on to them because they are not easily found. I don't know anyone that I care about more than her. I repeat DO NOT LET HER GO you will strongly regret it if you do.
Boy 1: You look beautiful babe!
Girl 1: You mean i look like sadini?
Boy 1: HELL NO.. she is one of a kind but i love you
by Sadini's First Love December 22, 2019
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