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An idiot on who linked a definition he wrote himself on his forum signature.
He's a badly spoken, vulgar, uncouth and coarse moronic troll who couldn't spell to save his life and who's grasp of english is....slippery.
He's also a poncey git who's mither wuld shag ye fer a fish supper, sae she wuld.
First Dude:Dude, did you see what ryoken posted in that one thread?
Other Dude: No, but I can guess that it was the thing responsible for making your eyes bleed, and destroying your belief in humanity.
First Dude: Totally. I actually felt the presence of God leaving me as I read it.
by Discovery Admin Team November 06, 2011
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A small, brown speckled dragon, seen frequently on
Ryoken shook his green mane.
by Ryoken June 28, 2004
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best tribes 2 player that ever existed, role model, mentor, better than pants, krunkest motherfucker ever
"Pants, you're like a ryoken"
by QT69lol January 02, 2004
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