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A shit skl in a posh ass area full of chavs and neeks with freshies who try to act bad in Wimbledon chase stealing from co op and getting into fights
Person 1:what skl do you go to

Person 2: I go to Rutlish

Person 1: that’s some shit skl
by YourMum456 April 16, 2019
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A shit school that was blessed by the 2019 GCSE students. There was this one boy which everyone loved... his name started with an i and ended with a n. I stg you were either totally in love with him or had hatred for him.
A girl- What skl do you go to?
A boy- Rutlish.
A girl- Urgh... but a very beautiful does go there!

A boy- (Pretends that boy is his bestfriend)
by UrTypicalWimbledonGirl September 03, 2019
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