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Anilingus performed on female, accompanied by manual clitoral stimulation.
My secret girlfriend likes rimming and fingers, so I think a rusty melodica will be right down her alley.
by Cookies and Unicorns July 27, 2011
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Giving a rimjob while simultaneously fingering a girl.
The female version of the rusty trombone
"I heard that shes into some freaky shit, so I gave her the rusty melodica"
by AVelociraptor November 15, 2018
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The equivalent of the rusty trombone when performed on a female. Consists of orally stimulating the asshole while manually stimulating the pussy, mimicking the actions of playing the melodies.
Jeff: What’s the best way to eat a woman out?
Greg: Give her the ol’ rusty melodica, man, bitches love that shit.
by Tayus Neb October 26, 2019
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