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Ruslana is very kind outgoing fun to talk and hang out with! Russians or Ukrainians have this name but you never know. Ruslana loves to long board and draw! Ruslana loves to take her time and she's very genoureous who will go and do something that's against the rules!!
Hey ruslana can you draw my name please
Yeah sure

1hour later

Here you go

Omg your really good
by Natalie_bro123 January 06, 2014
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Ruslana is a beautiful girl that pulls every gender ,she doesn’t like a lot of people because she can tell who’s real and who’s fake. She wins every fight by scaring kids off.
Ayy you hear about that fine ass girl Ruslanas fight?’

Yuh ruslana really messed her up,ay yo there she is

Look at that asss though
by Roseyrosey11 February 13, 2019
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