When someone gives up on League of Legends, usually out of anger for another player's actions, and moves their champion down the Middle Lane with the intentions of helping the other team with giving them a kill.
After AeserHD got salty, he started running it down mid to make sure his team lost.
by TripleSWords December 30, 2016
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A famous streamer "Tyler1" made this up, when he get mad or tilted in game, he will run it down mid, which means fed, give enemy free kill.
by Best Nazi NA September 21, 2016
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The same as run it down mid
A phrase usually found in the moba game League of Legends. Originally used by the famous twitch streamer Tyler1 who would perform this act when he is mad or tilted.
It describes the act of intentional losing a game by running straight into the enemy base and dying over and over and giving the enemy free gold and exp.
The shortest route to do that is the mid lane
Top: yo wtf is our jgl doing???
Mid: idk prob running down mid lul

Support: hes inting
by The right neighborhood June 17, 2018
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