The rarest ore that you can mine in the MMORPG RuneScape. Requires 85 mining skill to mine it and 85 smithing to smelt. Each runite ore requires 8 coals to smelt 1 runite bar.
I went to wildy to mine runite, but I was PKed.
by Sal1981 November 14, 2007
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A fictional Metal similiar but stronger to iron and steel.

1. (runeite)can be mined and smelted along with 6 coal ores to make a rune bar

2. rune bars can be used to make "rune weapons and armour such as rune platebodies
hey I mined a runite ore today and will smelt and smith it
by Bradley J Floyd August 11, 2006
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He's a dentist because he wasn't smart enough to be a doctor
He's nearly bald.

He claps Praguns cheeks everyday
Gives good advice to everyone but Pragun
Runit be clapping Pragun
by MG691 June 5, 2022
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He is the quite, shy, but sweet, caring and really fun to talk to if you get to know him. He is a handsome hunk in disguise. He may seem laid back and dumb, but can be the smartest person on earth when he wants to. He's THE MOST socially skilled person and can be friends with whoever he wants to.
Runit is always busy with his friends
by Hola friends November 23, 2021
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