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When you lose your condom in a girls pussy, then have to fish it out.
Chrissy, wait a minute, I just had a rubber fucky and I need to find the tweezers.
by Colleen & P to the hil December 19, 2006
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A special code name for a condom that you plan to wear while enjoying intercourse in the shower/ hot tub.
Tom: I'mma take a shower with Natalie tonight.
Bill: Well, you better not forget the rubber fuckies!
by Witty Titties April 02, 2015
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n. The anatomically correct rubber doll that you screw in the bathtub because you cannot get a real person willing to fuck you.
If Wanda would only give me a piece of ass, I would not have to be in this bubble bath with my rubber-fucky.
by Sugarbumbum May 27, 2017
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