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Rocks the House. This saying is often used in hip-hop or rap music. It is said when someone really likes something.
This new video game rth!
"Dude, that just rth!"
by david allmine April 23, 2008
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Recruted to hell, a graffiti group formed in Village Greens of Staten Island, New York, by two kids, CH and one who does not want to be mentioned. Now, RTH is in all 5 borouhs of nyc, and is a pretty big and popular group.
Isn't popular graffiti writer Goal in RTH?
by go new york giants go August 14, 2006
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A KING that lived many many moons ago. He has 100% lived previously because he is straight up a Vampire.
Do not second guess his mind's power or his unmistakable brute strength.
Watch out for RTH, he has the strength of 1000 minds.
by WeWon October 01, 2018
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French version of lol, rth, which stands for 'rire tout haut'. This translates to 'laugh out loud' in english. usually used by high schoool students in french classes.
Pronounced as one word "rth" rather than R-T-H.
Guy 1: Ahhh i tripped over a tree root
Guy 2: rth!
by lozza_4eva_xx November 02, 2007
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