What they call a quarter pounder with cheese and I'm France, y'know cause the metric system and shit.
John: you know in Paris you can get a beer in McDonald's and you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese.
Sam L.: They don't call it a quarter pounder with cheese?
John: No they got the metric system, they don't know what the fuck a quarter pounder is.
Sam L.: What do they call it?
John: A Royale with cheese
by ThyLocalCrackDealer January 21, 2019
When you get the FINEST cock you've ever had...but it was unshowered, not clean, but still a damn nice cock.
Wow Jenny, I was jogging this morning and saw Bob. He said hey. We ended up doing some In and outs.
How was it Kelly?
It was a Royale with Cheese. If only he had a chance to take a shower. Then it would've been Le Big Mac!
by Andi March 3, 2005
When a guy cums in a girl's hair then uses his cum as hair gel to spike her hair up in the shape of a crown.
What is that, hair gel?
Naah, he gave me a Royale With Cheese.
by Dave-Landon October 21, 2018
Another name for Camel Turkish Royal cigarettes. A paradoy of a line from the movie Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, when John Travolta's character explains what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris--a royale with cheese--and transformed into a reference to Turkish "Royale" cigarettes.
"Hey, you got a Royale with Cheese?"
"I just bought a pack of Royales with Cheese."
by jackpounds February 4, 2010
Battle royale with cheese takes place in the nuclear bombed ruins of flavor town, 50 chiefs fight to the death in a survival horror open world battle royale game. kill food zombies, kill players with no time limit (until 10 chiefs are left standing), build bases, forge an alliance with other survivors, and BE THE LAST ONE STANDING!
tim tim: "hey man i just got battle royale with cheese! (brwc). tom tom: "aw yeah man i just got it too, can't wait to pop some caps into some assess!"
by templar100 November 20, 2018