ROTFLOL Mixes ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing) and LOL (Laugh out Loud) and creates a magical mixture.

ROTFLOL stands for "Rolling on the floor, laughing out loud"
Weird Al's Song "White and Nerdy" : ROTFLOL <a sign behind al as he sings>

via msn

Joe Says : Welcome... to the BATTT CAVVEEEE
Bruno Says : ROTFLOL....
by Dark Elite November 10, 2006
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ROTFLOL; n. -The name of the imaginary candle-shaped animal George Bush jr. sees when he has taken just a smidge too much heroin. George and ROTFLOL go on many adventures together.
'ROTFLOL! I thought you were gone forever!' 'I will never leave you, George! As long as heroin pumps through your veins, I'll be here.' 'ROTFLOL!'
by F. Johnston August 09, 2007
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