That rotatoe is joining the lab next door.
by rotatoepotato February 26, 2013
I want some Rotatoes to acompany my burger.
by duduxicoTheGamer November 11, 2020
waiter: What do you want to acompany your burger?
You: I want some Rotatoes/Curly French Fries!
by duduxicoTheGamer November 11, 2020
A very specific type of blowjob. The man lies down on the ground, naked, and the other party proceeds to blow him while rotating around his body on all fours. The other party must remain clothed so that it does not turn into a 69.
Did you hear that John got a beej from Erica last night?

Yeah, she gave him a was weird.
by PhillySpecific August 10, 2010
when you bite into a potato chip vertically
"damn bruh i just bit into a rotato-chip" "what?"
by albinobepis September 3, 2021