1. A part of a rose.

2. The term for a dainty little twat.
My lover has the prettiest rose petal.
by laeiryn July 16, 2008
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A submissive girl who is extremely feminine/delicate and seeks full-time or near-full-time d/s relationships where any "BDSM play" is light and the focus is on the emotional aspects of the relationship. Rose petals often openly display their kink because they do not see it as provocative, unlike the lifestyle of most other submissives (babygirls, slaves, sissies, etc.) This is most commonly shown through the use of accessories such as lace choker necklaces and jewelry featuring a lock.

Rose petals strive to be the romantic interests we see in Victorian/Edwardian and fantasy literature, who are typically reserved and graceful. Unlike many other submissives, rose petals do not enjoy being severely hurt, degraded, or humiliated by their dominant partners. In their eyes, dominant/submissive relationships are beautiful and romantic, and should not be tainted in such ways. This type of submissive woman most often seeks a dominant who is also sophisticated and romantic, but has a dark and mysterious edge. When with the right type of partner for them, the rose petal can become very service-oriented and nurturing/soothing. In return, they seek emotional guidance and safety.

Not to be confused with submissive wives, babygirls, "little girl" subs, "occasional" kinksters, or vanilla women who happen to be especially feminine. It is also worth noting that rose petals value themselves just as highly as their dominant partners, so they do not commonly use titles or pronoun capitalization.
Person 1: "How are things going with your new submissive girlfriend?"

Person 2: "Not like I expected, dude. All she wanted me to do last night was tie her up with a silk scarf and tickle her with a feather. She asked me to spoon her all night, though. I think she's a rose petal."
by pureheart9 January 21, 2015
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after shaving ones pubes, place on bed and have intercourse
Oh baby, I just rose petaled the bed; now lets do it!
by Harrynootzak October 28, 2010
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Licking someones asshole in a clockwise circular motion.
"Billy gave me rose petals and ended up with a tongue full of toilet-paper rollies."
by Jesus Murphbag August 20, 2003
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The act of twisting a broken bottle into someone's skin, to inflict damage
Matt smashed his beer on the counter and then gave that fool a rose petal
by oh_ok January 4, 2012
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the act of licking the area around the rectum in small figure eights which then causes your partner to involuntarily shit in your mouth which you then proceed to spit the shit into her twat
Me and dog were rose petaling
by iliketofapallday November 16, 2009
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How was that girl you took home last night? Amazing, she had a rose petal vagina
by bert juman January 8, 2010
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