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Rosalynn is a gorgeous funny and out going girl, although no one knows the real her she is dirty, Rosalynn will help you with anything and if there ever is a problem she will fix it. Never say you know her endless you actually do. Rosalynn is crazy and very mistevious but you will love her!
rosalynn is beautiful
rosalynn is funny
by spooky0550 March 19, 2018
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A strange, funny person who thinks highly of themself.
Rosalynn - "Wow that was so cool did you see what I did there?!?"
Friend - "You opened a bottle...not that great..."
Rosalynn - "Ya, but I did it!"
by gleegirl004 January 10, 2012
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a rosalynn is a kind sexy girl/lady. she will make you feel special when you don’t feel special. she has a cute laugh and a beautiful face. she can steal any guy she wants but is always happy with the one guy she has.
eric-woah my girlfriend is so sexy
josh-no duh she’s rosalynn
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