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A crossbreed between a rawr and being a dork and means to do something stupid or idiotic
chris: ur a losertingzb

sarah: ur a rork

chris: wtff is that?

sarah: a mix between a dork and rawr
by bkbkbk February 02, 2011
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This word has universal meanings, but is most often used as a verb. It could mean anything from puking, to fucking up, to having sexual interactions, and so on. The term usually refers to one with a particularly special personality. Not everyone can be a rork, but many can pull a rork.
"He just rorked"

"Don't be such a rorky-rorky-rork"

"Are you rorking?"

"You just pulled a rork"
by friend-o-rork September 07, 2009
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