Taken from Afrikaans, a rooinek is an English speaking South African, usually of British decent. The name literally means "red-neck" and comes from the sun burnt necks of the British Army soldiers who wore pith helmets on campaign in South Africa. The helmets often did not afford enough protection from the sun which resulted in the sun burn. The term is usually used as an insult.
John is a big rooinek
by Duane Kirkwood August 23, 2006
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A ‘rooinek’ (Afrikaans) or redneck (English) is a Southern Afican term for an English speaking South African or Namibian. This nickname was given to the English speaking settlers in South Africa. These new settlers (of 1820) were not use to the sun and had their necks burnt red while the earlier European Settlers (of 1652) have grown accustom to dealing with the sharp sun. This term should not be confused with the term ‘khaki’ or ‘soutpiel’ used to describe the British in South Africa during (khaki) and after (soutpiel) the Boer Wars.
That rooinek plays rugby well. That rooinek cannot braai to save his live. The rooinekke in Natal are a bunch of tough farmers.
by isosha January 20, 2014
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