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Term used to describe someone who thinks a celebrity is their doppelganger, but in reality looks nothing like them.
Friend 1: Hey, did you see Jane put up a pic of Angelina Jolie for doppelganger week on facebook?

Friend 2: Yeah, more like roflganger...

Friend 1: Yeah, lol.
by SmokinGun February 01, 2010
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A persons exact laugh double.
Someone who has the same distinctive laugh as you.

(like doppelganger)
Person 1: Is that Roy I can hear laughing?
Person 2: It can't be, he's on vacation.
Person 1: Wow! That's totally his roflganger!
by Cheesoid March 14, 2009
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an extension of the word ROFL. Typically used either to emphasize how much someone ROFL'd or in a cheesy satirical way making fun of people who use such retarded words.
Dude: So I'm at this party and Jason was wasted and he fell through the bathroom door with his pants down!

Guy: ROFL!!

Dude: Then, to make it worse, he shit his pants on the way home in Rachel's car!


Dude: Guy, you are so retarded. Why do I talk to you?
by cheapskatedave November 13, 2008
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