All rock fans unite and crush the shit known as rap and pop.
by haha March 27, 2003
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Rock fans aren't associated with the KKK you fucking dumbass. And why don't you actually meet one before being a prick about it? Dumb shit...
Only people who had their mind fucked in like mindwideopen and eggroll would believe the RIAA-controlled diarrhea-shit their listening to is real music.
by Assholes Inc. September 3, 2003
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A person who is compared to the KKK by ignorant, MTV-watching wankers who think music is what the RIAA-affiliated corporations tell them it is. Who in the right mind believes that the shit produced by the big corporations is quality music?
I agree with Rock Fan. Today's pop, R&B, nu-rap, and nu-metal are all utterly inferior to even the music from 1994.
by middle finger August 19, 2003
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