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A variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors in which the winner/s of each round inflict pain on the loser/s. Here are the rules.

If you play Rock and your opponent/s plays Scissors, you ask them to form a fist, and then proceed to slam your knuckles onto theirs. For maximum pain try to aim for your knuckles to hit their arteries instead.

If you play Paper and your opponent/s plays Rock, you ask them to roll up their shorts/pants and deliver a tight slap on their thigh or calf. If there's a red mark left you know you've done it right.

If you play Scissors and your opponent/s play Paper, you ask them to extend their forearm and proceed to pinch them. If your nails are long enough for a classic, you can form your index and middle fingers into a hook shape and wedge your opponent/s' skin in the gap between the two fingers. Hold on and turn your hand for 3 seconds or until you can see the pain in their eyes.

Before every round, there is an option to pussy out and leave the game. If you do this, you are considered a pussy for life.

Also if you see someone cheat by changing their hand when they throw, everyone gets to do all 3 pain methods on them.
Yo John wanna play rock pain scissors?
John: Nah dude, my hand still hurts from yesterday.
by the sage of six paths May 08, 2018
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