Me: Asks for help
Funny guy: Type sudo rm -rf / and everything is solved
Me: Everything is gone!!!!
Funny guy: Exactly, all problems are gone
by Code Hunter June 14, 2020
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(n.) Slang.

This literally means "delete" but can also be used as a digital middle finger.

When combined with an action before (if needed, otherwise absent) and then a target after (required), this command can be used as a diss, only understood by command line geeks. (Typically Linux users.)

The most proper use of this phrase has an instructional nature, such as, "go rm -rf yourself" and can be directed at an individual "rm -rf noob" or a group of people "rm -rf /noobs."

From the UNIX command rm -rf /, used more loosely and can be artistically and freely expressed.
A proper rm -rf (diss) example:

Lamer: Wow, you have a desktop cube!

Geek: Linux for the win.

Lamer: You have no life! Linux is for nerds. Macintosh is better than Windows and Linux combined, go on-line to the Apple web site and—

Geek: I'm a GEEK, not a NERD! Know the difference! Go rm -rf yourself!

Lamer: What does that even mean?

Geek: Go into your Terminal and find out.
by raptroes July 16, 2010
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The Unix way of deleting System32
Person A: "Yo, what happened to your computer???"
Person B: "I used sudo rm -rf"
by cool you looked at my name December 12, 2021
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