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Riyasmashuta are very caring people, beautiful,very intelligent, and sexy. Tend to be a little TOO curious sometimes, and vicious. But never tend to try to hurt people. Cares for her/him self and could be a little bad sometimes. Listens to too much music, you don't even know that 'it' walks around with a brain of 75% song lyrics all the time. Has an attitude, but is good at keeping secrets! Very stylish and very outgoing. Maybe shy from here to there but, always walk with a smile on its face. The most gorgeous person in the world and the sweetest kindest person in the world. Puts others before them and always cares for others. Riyasmashuta are usually self concious they think they aren't good enough when really they are the prettiest, hottest, nicest, sexiest, and most intelligent. They struggle with time management skills but once they have it down no one can stop them. Riyasmashuta are tanlented in every aspect they just need to put their mind to it. Riyasmashuta are usually taken advantage of but they still have no grudges.
Honestly, you're such a Riyasmashuta 😍😘❤️
by misternwar April 23, 2018
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