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In poker, the lower of two kicker cards. Coined in opposition to "rockette", which was already poker slang for "high kicker card." The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes are known for their high-kicking dance style, while Irish dancers in Riverdance are not. Coined by Dave Foley in an episode of the Bravo television show "Celebrity Poker Showdown".
It was heads-up, and the board came an ace and four rags. He showed Ace King, I had Ace Queen, so his rockette beat my riverdancer.
by Joe from St Louis April 08, 2006
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A person with a sexual facination for watching someone of the same sex urinate.
*The other day, I was taking a leak and Dusty was totally checking out my stream.. Fucking Riverdancer...
by Jimmy Hughs July 29, 2005
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Slang word often used to describe Irish Step Dancing
Bob: So what do you do for fun?

Dancer: Oh well I'm an Irish Step Dancer.

Bob: ...Irish Dance? OOhh, you mean like you're a River Dancer??

Dancer: ....Yes....exactly

*rolling of eyes*
by RRRrrrRRrrreeerRRrrrr May 07, 2009
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A male that likes to wait in bathrooms and watch other men urinate.
"Dude, I was in the bathroom earlier and Dusty was totally checking out my stream!... He's a Goddamned RIVERDANCER!"
by Magic Juan August 16, 2005
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