the a name for someone who thinks your'e there best friend but really they are annoying as heck but the rest of the family are "really close friends," they really aren't but they think they are but you actually have real really good friends who always feel awkward around the rittle family because the rittle family acts like they are best friends with everyone. also a really annoying third wheel friend or family.
Yeah last night was fun with you guys too bad the rittles ruined it.
by archibald-definer November 1, 2017
Slang for Ritalin

The circular pills resemble skittles. Ritalin + Skittles = Rittles
Haven't seen John in a week because he's been in the library rolling off rittles.
by CASPR-Cas9 March 21, 2019
when someone reaches in the drug pick a mix and gets fucked on something they don't know.
"Mate whatever drug I got from the pick a mix got me rittled"

"Oh really? Mine was Viagra, look at my cock"
by YogurtLicked6969 March 27, 2018