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the shitty new pop/hip hop that floods the radio. Ringtone rap is any of the singles from non-talented rappers such as d4l, mims, dem franchize boyz, huey and any of the other so-called rappers that all sound alike. Most often heard as tool-ass teenagers' cellphone ringtones, or on the radio for two weeks every other song. songs like this are the reason i smoke cigarettes.
amber: OmFg GuRLLL I hEaRd DiZz HaWtTt JoInT on DuH RaDiO gUrL iTzZ cAlLeD dIs Iz WhY iM hOt GuRl!!
katie: DaAaAaAmN gUrL iZz GoOd! LeTs DrIvE aRoUnD oUr SuBuRbAn ToWn PlAyInG iT rLy LoUd!!

sensible person: if you bitches play that ringtone rap around me i'll kill you both.

by froobinator August 25, 2007
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Rap music made not to sell albums, but to sell ringtones. Can be spotted by the generally stupid-as-shit nature of the song, which has a five-second repeating beat and about three lines of 'song' which is also endlessly repeated. Totally loved by fucktards that have no taste in music.
"Yo, dawg! You dig that new Soulja Boy track?"
"Fuck no, I don't listen to ringtone rap!"
by Zack Lane August 30, 2007
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Rap music that white wigger teenage girls listen to. Usually heard on their cells, their Mustangs, at school dances, and at basketball games.
Teen 1: OMG, I love this like new song from like Soulja Boy, he is sooo like kewl and he is a real GANGSTA yo
Teen 2: I gotta put this on this cell yo and blast this fiya joint to ma homiez, yo and blast it in my Pontiac G8 very loud. Keep it pimpin'
Real G: Turn off this fucking ringtone rap and listen to some old skool real rap like Snoop Dogg.
by Kyle230 June 22, 2009
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