1. Hook-centric one-hit wonders who get famous off of one shitty, catchy, boastful song that everyone likes to listen to when they're drunk, high, or a combination of both. They sell more ringtones than albums, are proud of it, and then usually disappear within a couple of months. After that they can be seen walking around the mall hoping they'll be recognized. Parking lot pimping, indeed.

2. Souja Boy, Mims, J-Kwon, Flo Rida, Rich Boy, etc.
1. Did you hear that new song "Play-Dough" by Lil' Money Getta? It goes like, "You gay, ho. Bitch, gimme my Play-Dough." That shit is sooooooo tight. I'm gonna make it my ringtone.

Fuck Lil' Money Getta. He's a ringtone rapper.

2. I saw that nigga Mims trying to hustle his new album in the 7-11 parking lot, talkin' 'bout, "All I ask for is a ten dollar donation."
by Jeffrey T January 12, 2008
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A recording artist whose marketing strategies have de-emphasized the use of creative storytelling and clever rhymes in favor of duplicating the success of "what is hot" hence creating a lack of variety for selling singles as ringtones.

A recording artist who has drained credibility and creativity out of a once-vibrant genre of music with emphasis on "gangsta" attitudes, explicit lyrics, tales of street life and conspicuous consumption. The audience of which is now educated as to such lifestyles and has grown weary to the culture of the rap industry's use of such lifestyles throughout the years for commercialism.
A ringtone rapper sells more ringtones than copies of albums.
by H Paul August 25, 2007
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