1 definition by Jeffrey T

1. Hook-centric one-hit wonders who get famous off of one shitty, catchy, boastful song that everyone likes to listen to when they're drunk, high, or a combination of both. They sell more ringtones than albums, are proud of it, and then usually disappear within a couple of months. After that they can be seen walking around the mall hoping they'll be recognized. Parking lot pimping, indeed.

2. Souja Boy, Mims, J-Kwon, Flo Rida, Rich Boy, etc.
1. Did you hear that new song "Play-Dough" by Lil' Money Getta? It goes like, "You gay, ho. Bitch, gimme my Play-Dough." That shit is sooooooo tight. I'm gonna make it my ringtone.

Fuck Lil' Money Getta. He's a ringtone rapper.

2. I saw that nigga Mims trying to hustle his new album in the 7-11 parking lot, talkin' 'bout, "All I ask for is a ten dollar donation."
by Jeffrey T January 12, 2008
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