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A slang term for military college or university graduates. It refers to the large graduation rings that are usually worn by said persons, and to the tradition of knocking the ring on a table to quiet a boisterous room.
Carl just graduated and got commissioned... and now he's SUCH a ring knocker.
by K...! May 03, 2006
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To convey to all those present that he was a West Point graduate, Major Talliafero lightly rapped his ring on the wooden conference table signaling to all present that did not already know so from toilet paper stuck to his shoe that he was a ringknocker, and thus worthy of respect.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
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Graduate of one of the United States' military service academies, which operate as collegiate institutions.

Use of term is said to be especially prominent among graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland).
Among U.S. military officers, they're known as "ring knockers" because they proudly wear the big, gold class rings they earned when they graduated from one of America's military academies. (TIME magazine, April 2001)
by al-in-chgo June 15, 2013
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Why would you want to let everyone know you graduated from West Point. You would want to hide this. The real ringknocker definition is "a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy who wants everyone to know that he/she is such".
"That ringknocker got that airline job because he/she went to USAFA; of course that means they also deserve it"
by Lt. Fo'schnizzle October 27, 2003
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Noun, slang term referring to Freemasons of various rites. Slang term is derived from the practice of the touching of the Masonic rings in a handshake between two Freemasons.
"Those ringknockers won't leave me alone, pestering me to join up as a Mason."
by cybersaint2k January 05, 2009
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Pronunciation: \ˈriŋ ˈnä-kər\
Function: noun
Date: 21st Century

: young male that fancies, pleasures, and/or promotes the sexual gratification of married, older women commonly referred to as "cougars" : the doer of dirty deeds to dilettante dames : a weekday afternoon tennis pro : a successful divorce attorney : a pool boy entrepreneur : intelligent, efficient, and industrious young student burdened by debt : a "plan B" kind of a guy : a "plan Z" kind of guy : participant in awesomeness
That Ring Knocker my professor is dating, was a creative and hardworking student of hers.
by blingblongbling March 16, 2010
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Your balls and sack. When your girl is in the missionary position and you're fuckin' her in the twat, your balls bounce (knock) against her anus (ring).
Man, he's pounding her so hard, his balls have become a real Ringknocker.
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
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