An athlete who has no pride and is willing to quit on his teammates and join his rivals in order to grab a championship without hard work. See: Kevin Durant, Lebron James
Yo Durant quit on the Thunder to join the Warriors. He is such a ring chaser.
by William H. Bonney September 6, 2017
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A Ring Chaser is a male Gold Digger.

Like a whore wants the title of Rich and Famous without earning it,

an athlete wants the title of Champion without competing for it.
Kevin Durant is a Ring Chaser.

He is a Titlist.

He is not a true Champion.

He did not compete. He joined.
by cheapsoot March 20, 2019
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Leaves Oklahoma City Thunder ( the team that drafted him - Seattle Supersonic ) and his bestfriend ( Russell Westbrook ) to joinGolden State Warriors, even-tho the Warriors Beat them in the 2016 western-Conference Finals.. Joines Warriors just to win, and gives no fuck about loyalty...

So the definition of Ring Chaser is " Kevin Durant "
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