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An extreme loser. A person who lies a lot, and can't gain anybody's respect. a very ugly person. Somebody who can't get beyond the rim of a group.
Nobody likes that guy Josh. He's a total rimer.
by mochatown December 07, 2008
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A saintly last name. Can be used for the hottest, sexy people and most charismatic people (it doesn't need to a real last name, it could be a nickname). In 2000bc the Mesopotamian God: Al-Humm made a mortal called Ger-Ald Rimer <-- this is why it is saintly.

The name isn't 100% saintly. Ger-Ald had a grandson called MiiKow who ruined the empire.

All in all Rimer is a very high quality name.
"That kid is a real Rimer"
by SaileBackwards May 14, 2015
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