Short for "Rewrite it in Rust", a phrase used by many people when talking to programmers that use other, more typical programming languages. It usually comes up when they complain about the functionality of issues that they are having with this other language, usually in the lines of Segmentation Faults in C or C++, messy code in JS, Java or C#, or really slow speeds in JS or Python.
Random user on the internet: OMG My code is so slow and doesn't stop seg faulting!!!!
Me: RIIR, you won't regret it.
by vicky5124 April 25, 2021
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When something is unexpectedly weird and/or funny. Can also be used to describe a situation. Riir can act as a gasp of surprise or as an adjective for the current situation/thing.
Friend: Hey, have you heard of that girl from the other school that fucks her dog?
Me: Riir! What the fuck.

Me: Bro, her outfit looks so riir.
by Todesritter_99 May 1, 2019
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If something is very funny/strange/interesting (something like “LOL”/“ROFL”)
Yeah, that’s riir!/Riir!/Haha, riir!
by Ren0x April 30, 2019
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