Right-shoring is the latest MBA buzz word, thrown around by a bunch of overpaid bastards, trying their best to cut jobs and salaries so that they can get bigger salaries, bigger bonuses, and bigger severance packages.

Studies show that letting workers work from home and reducing the office overhead are just as cost-effective as "right-shoring" and probably have better customer satisfaction than making your customers try to understand a guy called "Mike" with a thick Indian accent. But no one wants to try that because the latest buzz word is "right-shoring" and they need to fit in with the rest of clowns so they can collect all the money the company makes laying people off in the form of their own bonuses.
Dude, if we use right-shoring to get rid of as much of our workers as we can, we'll get bigger bonuses and salaries. The last CEO that right-shored a bunch of jobs got $23million when she was fired for doing a terrible job.
by Bob Kratchet March 15, 2006
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