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A word used in the punk scene of Westchester County/Brooklyn/Vassar College in certain circles to describe things in an endearing way. Not endowed with any specific meaning, but it usually means the same thing to an extent.

For instance, think about the best bag of chips ever. The kind of chips you would want to eat when you were tripping/really high. Those would be "ridagon chips"

First known use of the word "ridagon" was in Brooklyn when our friend Joey was really high, and fingering the dust at the bottom of an eaten bag of doritos, and said "ridagon chips".
EX 1: Joey - 'What do you think of that Ridagon chair?"

Alex- "It's used by chaums, that's what I think."

Joey- "Really? I'd leave earth in that chair."

EX 2: Stephen Martin "Would you say you're lifting right now? Are you out on bikes."

Nick - "Dude, I'm beyond that, I am balls action ridagon right now."
by The Chaum December 07, 2008
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a theoretical polygon with no sides, no lines, no angles, and no capitalist ambitions.
that's not a corpse; that's a ridagon.
by squampum February 10, 2010
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