To scream the word "Ricola!" into a vagina. If you get an echo, stay away, for this vagina is very used and large in proportion. However if you recieve no echo, it is safe to proceed.
I ricolad when I was with Betsy last night just for safety because she looked like a whore.
by Lawley June 21, 2008
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somethings / some people that are so alike that they confuse you for a long time makes it hard for you to know what is the difference
Girl 1: "I'm going to hang with Kian tonight"
Girl 2: "Wait what? Which one is Kian out of the twins"
Girl 1: "Uhh.. he's the one with the blonde quiff"
Girl 2: "They both have a blonde quiff so which one is Kian?
Girl 1: "Ugh... telling them apart is just as hard as Lakerol or Ricola..."
by kitkatkaitykatt April 18, 2015
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