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To scream the word "Ricola!" into a vagina. If you get an echo, stay away, for this vagina is very used and large in proportion. However if you recieve no echo, it is safe to proceed.
I ricolad when I was with Betsy last night just for safety because she looked like a whore.
by Lawley June 21, 2008

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an army of ginger chilren. lead by Ronald McDonald. these kids are out to slaughter the non gingers of the world. subliminal, suicide provoking videos such as ronald mcdonald insanity (as found on youtube) have been put out by them. if you pay attention to look at gingers you will notice they are most times in green or camoflauge.
1. i think travis might be part of the ginger kid army, his jeep is green.

2. a battalion of the ginger kid army walked into mcdonalds in an attempt to assasinate me, but i drown them in the restroom.
by Lawley December 20, 2008

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