as soon as possible; quickly. Often seen following the word 'most' and is commonly heard by US Marines.
You'd better clean this room most ricky tick before Mom gets home!
by llamaxing June 25, 2006
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Promptly; stat; ASAP; PDQ. Also, "most Rikki-Tik." Derived from the Rudyard Kipling story, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, wherein the title hero was a quick, snake-slaying mongoose.
Get in there and scrub that latrine most ricky tick, maggot!
by Yosemite Fudd September 30, 2007
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Meaning soon, or in a little bit. Commonly mistakin for now, or right now. typically following the word pretty
We're gonna be leaving pretty ricky tick
I gotta go to the gas station pretty ricky tick
by Moshe davis October 8, 2007
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