richard broad AKA richie b is the worlds leading gangstarr. He is notorious round the rough streets of Holmesfield, and is the ring leader of the HBC (Holmesfield Business Crew). His power in the underground is huge, and he is known to assasinate people for fun. do not get in the gangstarrs way, or u wil b dealt with severly.
Richie B: yo brutha im-a bust a cap in yo white ass
by That Solid Copper From Fat Sams November 20, 2004
when one has failed to shake off properly after emptying their bladder; a piss stain is left that soaks its way through to the trouser front leaving a circular stain.
" mate look over there your dads got a richy b!"

" she said it was the biggest she'd ever seen then got up and left. i couldn't believe it, i had a richy b the size of a golf ball."

" remember to always have an extra couple of shakes, don't wanna go around with a richy b."
by richy.b January 16, 2012
Richie B. is the best rapper in the world, known for his song My day.
by jijolindo November 22, 2021