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Word used to describe an act of cuntoxary such and petty theft or plain bullshiting.
Jim is doing a richardcox on how much he gets paid a week.

Leaving town without paying your bills is a richardcox act.
by keithy July 26, 2006
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A name given to a child only by a parent who really wants to hate their child and one day and ruin their high school reputation and lower their ego.
Substitute teacher Mr. Butkis- "Is Richard Cox here? or does he go by Dick? Dick Cox? Are you present?"

Marvin-"(pointing his finger) Dick boy is right over there! HAHA your name is 2 private parts!!!!"

(Richard Cox runs out of the room and heads toward the cafeteria to eat his pain away, since Marvin Crushed his reputation)
by The_Buddy January 15, 2010
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