One of the top, if not the top, art schools in the USA. Other art schools / art students are always trying to put it down (despite its incredibly long list of notable alumni and high rankings) by calling it overrated (some people say Yale is overrated too, whatever). Popularly known as "RISD" (Riz-dee). Notable alumni include Seth Macfarlane and Kara Walker. The school has an acceptance rate of 35% as of 2010 according to the college board. Risd has been graced by the presence of numerous famous/important people, like Yo-Yo Ma. RISD students have had the opportunity to work with engineers and designers from NASA. The school has awesome facilities and a career services department that pretty much rivals that of most other art schools in the states.

People often comment on how weird RISD students dress. Many RISD kids are seen as (and admittedly, really are) hipsters.
a-"I go to MassArt."
b-"I go to the Rhode Island School of Design."
a-:glares bitterly:
by wavemaster September 3, 2010
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Where people who will contribute little or nothing to society are educated on why that makes them wonderful. Its acronym, RISD, is also used to denote liberal douchebags and people who will spend most of their life dreaming instead of doing. Like Brown University and Hot Topic, it's a place where people go because they want to stand out, when in fact they are simply made to conform.
a: He went to Rhode Island School of Design.
b: RISD? Ah, so he's unemployed and only votes Democrat?
a: Pretty much.
by EffRhodeIsland February 29, 2012
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An art school that was once considered to be one of the top in the country, but unfortunately has fallen in its standards as of late. It is known for putting applicants through hoops to be considered for a spot with specific projects, such as the infamous bicycle drawing.
Student 1: So where are you applying?

Student 2: Oh, the Rhode Island School of Design... They have such a great reputation...

Student 1: At least you won't be a Pratt.
by Kateart July 21, 2010
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