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Retrogay is what you call a slow person disoriented in fads and styles who gets hooked on one that has already ended for one month to a few years except only beginning for them just to make them feel cooler. It can also be the item or style that was part of the old fad.
Person 1: Dude! Look at my freaking awesome new LIVESTRONG bracelet! How cool is this? I'm the only guy in our homeroom that has one.
Person 2: Man, thats so retrogay. Those things went out of style two years ago you nerd.

Person 1: " I just bought these sweet pair of jeans and polo from Hollister! It was so awesome they were on clearence for 19.99! No one else has the spring style yet but me! I'm gonna totally win that hot babe over at the club tonight when she sees how im pimpin"
Person 2: Dude, its November. You're such a retrogay.
by Yung Geezy November 26, 2007
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