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A combination of the words "retard" and "nation".
A nation or defined group of people that seem mentally retarded, stupid, or "special"; A cluster-fuck of stupid people.
"This is not fucking fair: I have a retardnation for a study group!"
by Andrew Siegel May 19, 2008
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A group of friends based in Brampton(A.K.A B-Town or Bramadesh), Ontario age range 11-13. Naturally living in the suburbs is a boring life so they found awesome new ways to entertain themselves. There are different divisions of Retard Nation such as:

The Hobo Tribe: Responsible for finding new areas for Retard Nation to hang at.

The RN Mofia: Responsible for doing Retard Nation's "Dirty Work"

Some of retard nations passtimes have been:

-Bonfires in their forest hideout

-Using axe and a lighter to make sick flamethrowers and kill all the and in the hideout, or start fires with.

-Hanging out in the arcade at the mall

-Egging Hated Property such as schools of fag's houses

And way more...

Retard Nation has 3 main leaders. There are many more members though.
kid: thank god for the rn mofia, egging the school, and writing graffiti in the bathrooms

other kid:hey man, thats retard nation for you. Theyre just serving the Community
by mike_hockey_skate January 24, 2007
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originally from detroit and ypsi michigan,
not the hardest, but the smartest, and get the job done, you should start ya own division, if ya feel it rpresents ya life, goin through themotions of gangsta and college life with and for success in eachother. we from the d and ytown, goin ta college and sellin anything illegitamate to succeed.
all the retard nation got part time jobs at shitty works, goin to communty college workin towards a better one, 3.3 gpa but slang and kill when nessisary, makin shitloads a money in the hood and on campus, always comin through in tha clutch, winnin championships, and called thoroughbreads.
by dylan with the big dick April 13, 2006
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