What you say to your biological parents who put you up for adoption at a young age, leaving you clueless and doubtful your whole life. Not knowing your genetics, your family tree etc... but than 40 years later when you try and find out who your biological family is & they say leave them alone. All I have to say to my moms biological family. fuck all you parents who don’t want contact with your own flesh and blood and the sum of it all is. I hope you rest in fuckin hell you bitch. If I could I’d scalp you while your kids watch. Bitch
by Thr33w4y November 24, 2020
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An hate/bad joke/angry word about someon has sleep to take rest or someone dead
Its like an "Hate" word, like saying "this bastard will rest in hell not in peace"
by UnderSmurf December 17, 2018
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