A group of highly unstable retards whose only job is to make one person's life a living hell. Also known as "gangbanging" him/her into hopeless despair of ones useless fucking life. One invested with about twenty six alternate accounts mostly maid by the princess herself.
"Hey do you know about Universe Reset?"
"You mean those retards who can't tell a word from a letter?"
by Grim__ April 10, 2022
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Getting your body reset from what it knew so it can move on and away from the power of the former penis.

Having sex with someone else for the first time after a breakup.

Giving you someone new and more recent to remember having sex with than your ex.
Girl: I don't think I will respond to anybody like I did him...
Girl's Friend: Please girl you just need to get yourself a Vagina Reset with another penis, best cure in the world
by Buddhafish July 17, 2012
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