A person who goes after guys that owe someone money. They go and collect or repossess items for a small fee.
Back in Seattle I made my living as a repoman.

Dude, this fucking repoman keeps sending me mail 'bout my loan, it's making me crazy!
by Jassim the Great August 9, 2009
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someone who is always intense and gets your cd's back from one of your "friends" that borrowed/stole your cd's
I'm so glad that i called the CD repoman because he got my cd's back
by nick February 15, 2005
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Noun: One who derives sexual pleasure or seeks financial compensation from "Toeing" the hole(s) or orifices of themselves or others.

See: Toeing (v)
He got finished toeing all my holes and I exclaimed "Wow! you are quite the Repoman!" .
by repoman69 February 3, 2023
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