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A religious masturbator is one who worships god as he or she has nothing better to do with their lives. Often, the point of being religious is to use churches and other christian events as social venues. They try to make God a 'cool dude' basicaly giving God a funboy image like themselves. Religious masturbators, or RMs for short, are often on the pull and use their apparant innocence as an RM in this act, unfortunately, most girls fall for this and in turn, usualy become RMs themselves.
If you go into a church and see a lad sitting in the middle of a group of girls wearing jeans, and an open collared white with light blue striped shirt, hair plastered with gel, u are looking at a religious masturbator
by Heavens Advocate March 04, 2005
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1) People who think their needs spiritually and/or religiously are more important then others around them, especially those who might need their help.

2) People who are self-centered it when it comes to spirituality or religion.

3) Also called spiritual masterbation.
Erica: I asked the advisors to helped me do shmirah, but they were to busy doing kiddush to be bothered.

Tova: I wish they would stop with their religious masterbation for once to actually do their job!
by Brown Eyed Girl June 06, 2005
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