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Someone who has become so deluded, ignorant, or intolerant in their religious beliefs that they have actually decreased their IQ. Combination of religion and idiot.
The religiot said that homosexuals will cause the apocalypse.
by Skek December 25, 2004
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An insulting but non-generalizing word used in specific instances to describe a person that is an idiot and religious.

The word is sometimes used by athiots.

Specific instances include:
1) If you aren't an idiot and/or not religious then the term does not apply to you.
2) If you are religious and you believe natural selection is a cause of biological change or plays a causal role in the trajectory of evolution.
3) If you are religious and stab yourself to try an prove a point.
4) If you are religious and think by suddenly giving all your possession to the poor when you think it is the end of the world you will suddenly be a better person.
Singular: The religiot stabbed himself to try and show religion is true.

Plural: A group of religiots sold all their possessions and gave it to the poor because they thought the world is going to end soon.
by The_Interwebs June 13, 2011
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