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Reigan is a funny, cool and all around fun person. She enjoys singing and ancient and is very good at both. She’s usually brown haired and brown eyed. She’s very pretty and sweet. She’s got hella jokes. She is shy and flirts with guys when need be. She’s bomb at sports. Guys love her and adore her.
Friend 1: damn is that Reigan
Friend 2: yeah she’s all a guy could want 😍
by thickbitch69 May 05, 2018
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Reigan is the most beautiful, kind, considerate, and funny person you'll ever meet. When they walk into a room with you your day goes from bad, to the dang day ever. Doubts herself and feels as if she herself is a flaw, but is really one of the awesomest of God's creation. You'll NEVER want to let her go.
Who's that angel over there?
Don't know but it's probably a Reigan.
by Jesuslover2006 May 25, 2018
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